Get Your Swole on Goal Struggles Roller Skate Maintenance 101: Part Two Roller Skate Maintenance 101: Part One Do you smell that?
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Get Your Swole on

I’m into fitness…Fittin this whole pizza in my mouth

New year, means new derby resolutions! If you don’t have a resolution, I’d consider making some. Perfecting a new juke, fine tuning your hockey stop, or making the charter roster. Doesn’t matter if you call it a resolution or a goal, it’s important to have an end state that you are working towards, so you can focus your energy. That being said, whatever your goals are, being comfortable on your skates is only half the battle. Strong body is the other piece.

A lot of top derby athletes have incorporated lifting and cardio outside of practice into their weekly routines. A great way to do the same is by joining a gym; however, we all know gym memberships aren’t cheap, but don’t let th

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Goal Struggles

We must look in the mirror and honestly evaluate why we have failed.

We do it all the time. We see something and say to ourselves, “I wish I could (fill in the blank).” We wish, we want, we desire, but we don’t act. Why? Because acting is the hard part. It’s so fricken easy to sit on our rear ends and WISH for things, but it’s a whole different story when it’s time to apply ourselves and actually WORK for what we want. So how about we stop wishing and wanting and put forth the effort for what we desire.

I have been a jammer since day one of my derby journey. I watched my first bout and fell in love with the gals rocking the stars and decided then that I too would be a jammer. I accomplished that goal, and I’m darn proud of my jamming

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Roller Skate Maintenance 101: Part Two

Welcome to part two of the skate maintenance series! This week we are going to cover items 7-13. Check out part one for info on items 1-6.

The various bits and pieces:


These little guys are also referred to as cushions, and that is exactly what they are. They are spongy rubber pieces that absorb shock and allow the truck to pivot. They also spring the truck back to neutral position. There are different hardnesses for Bushings just like there are for wheels.

*Keep an Eye on - Permanently compressed bushings. If they lose their springiness they will no long provide shock absorption which can lead to a broken truck or kingpin. It also means that they may not bring the truck back to neutral position which results in having to put

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Roller Skate Maintenance 101: Part One

Love your skates and they will love you back.

Do you hear that crunching noise coming from your skates? It's your bearings crying for love and attention. Its so easy to neglect our skates. We just assume they're going to do their job no matter what, but like any tool they need to be maintained. We derby folk must clean and maintain our quad skates.

If our skates are so important, why do we neglect them? The most likely answer is lack of knowledge. If we don't know the bits and pieces of our skates, then we can't be expected to identify problem areas and fix them. Conducting skate maintenance will 1) increase the life of our skates, and 2) prevent an injury in relation to a skate malfunction. So join me on a Skate Mechanics 101 lesson.

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Do you smell that?

It creeps up on your nostrils when you're least expecting it and latches onto your nose hairs for dear life. What could be assaulting your nostrils with such vigor?? It’s Derby funk. Not the down in the dumps kind of funk. I’m talking about the, you just knocked yourself out by smelling our own gear, kind of funk.

It happens to the best of us. We have all, on occasion, forgotten our gear in the car or have allowed it to stew over night in a zipped bag. However, there are those who proudly flaunt their well curated derby funk. Some leagues even present end of year trophies to the smelliest of derby folk. But derby funk is like farts, you might be cool with your own odor, but no one else is. All kidding aside, if you’re gear is smelling fun

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