Codes Used in the List

A note on the codes used in the list.


There are several rulesets used in modern roller derby. While the WFTDA ruleset is the most popular, the other options have a solid core of fans. Many skaters are rules-agnostic and are happy play under any rules. Therefore, I try to cover all the rulesets here at

  • WFTDA: Covers both WFTDA and MRDA rules
  • USARS: Covers USARS rules for both adults and juniors
  • MADE: Covers MADE rules for both flat track and banked track
  • Renegade: Covers all flavors of Renegade rules
  • RDCL: Covers RDCL banked track rules
  • TXRD: Covers TXRD banked track rules
  • LOCO: Covers WFTDA-based LOw COntact rules
  • JRDA: Covers JRDA rules for juniors

Affiliation is based on membership with an association or organization. These organizations tend to act as governing bodies for a given ruleset. In order for this affiliation to be used in the list, the the affiliation must be published by the organization. For example, WFTDA publishes a list of member and apprentice leagues. Currently only WFTDA, MRDA, and JRDA publish membership information.

There is currently one exception to the member organization type of affiliation. School-based leagues. There is no common member organization as with the others, but it was pointed out by a user of the list that it would be useful to be able to find such leagues more easily.


I fully understand that gender isn’t binary, Male vs Female or Men vs Women. That said, in order to keep things simple some concessions must be made. I’ve chosen to use three codes for Gender (W, M, C). I’m also making a distinction that Gender is Team-based not League-based. For example, a League can have a Women’s team, a Men’s team, and a Co-Ed team. In such a case, all three gender codes would appear in that League’s entry. For those that are not familiar with the term Co-Ed. It comes from Co-Educational and, at least in American English, it has come to refer to any group that has both Men and Women.

  • W: Women. This is for teams that primarily identify as being for women. It includes Juniors teams for young women.
  • M: Men. This is for teams that primarily identify as being for men. It includes Juniors teams for young men.
  • C: Co-Ed. This is for teams that actively call out that they are Co-Ed. It includes Co-Ed Junior teams.

Ages are simple. There is Adult and Junior. That said, there is some variation on the definition of “Adult” in the rulesets noted above. For example, USARS considers 16 years of age to be Adult while WFTDA considers 18 years of age to be Adult.

  • A: Adult. Generally speaking adult teams have players that are 18 years of age and older.
  • J: Junior. Generally speaking junior teams have players that are under 18 years of age.

For our purposes all Leagues listed should be ACTIVE. Here the term STATUS refers to the stage of development the league is at.

  • RECRUITING: New Leagues that are recruiting, but have not yet started regular training.
  • PRACTICING: Leagues that have started regular training, but have not yet started regular scrimmaging.
  • SCRIMMAGING: Leagues that have started regular scrimmaging, but have not yet started bouting/competing.
  • BOUTING: Leagues that are playing games regularly. Yes, I realize that WFTDA no longer uses the term Bout to describe a game of roller derby. Please understand that this list covers all rulesets, and that Bout is the commonly used term for a game of roller derby, even among WFTDA leagues.

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