Focus on What is Next

The wonderful thing about the new year, is it’s a chance to reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year. Life isn’t easy. It’s full of ups, downs, and unpredictable situations. But one thing we can always count on, is so long as we’re breathing another day will go by and eventually another year will come to a close. It’s easy to get wrapped up in thinking about the things we failed to accomplish, the things we wish we had or hadn’t said, or the things we have lost. 

Did you set a goal last year and not achieve it? You know that is okay, right? You don’t have to harp on your failures. It’s a new year. Time has offered you a chance to reset and begin again. Reflect on the past year with the understanding that you are simply human, and as a human we sometimes fail. Use that reflection to adjust your goals for the new year and chase them with full speed. 2018 is done. There is no redoing it. There is only forward. 

Did you have an amazing year? Well done! Be proud of your accomplishments, but also reflect. Why was it a great year and how can you replicate your success in the new year? Set your goals and use the positive energy from the previous year to launch yourself towards that which you desire. 

For me personally, I had the most insane derby season of my life. Though I accomplished perhaps my biggest goal of the year, I can say it wasn’t all rainbows and happiness. I don’t think I truly knew what I was getting myself into when I set my mind to try out for a D1 travel team. Honestly, it was a pretty tough year. Mentally, physically, all of the above. A lot of things I’m passionate about fell to side as I focused all of my energy on derby. There are moments from the year I wish I could undo or change but in the end, as I reflect on the year, there is no doubt that I grew as a skater and as a person. Those experiences are now part of me and have shaped me into the human I am today. As I’ve sat and reviewed the last year, I know my goals will be to focus more on self care and life balance. 

Happy reflection, friends. May this new year be full of joy, growth, and accomplishment. 

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