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I’m into fitness…Fittin this whole pizza in my mouth

New year, means new derby resolutions! If you don’t have a resolution, I’d consider making some. Perfecting a new juke, fine tuning your hockey stop, or making the charter roster. Doesn’t matter if you call it a resolution or a goal, it’s important to have an end state that you are working towards, so you can focus your energy. That being said, whatever your goals are, being comfortable on your skates is only half the battle. Strong body is the other piece.

A lot of top derby athletes have incorporated lifting and cardio outside of practice into their weekly routines. A great way to do the same is by joining a gym; however, we all know gym memberships aren’t cheap, but don’t let that be your excuse for not becoming your best you. Buy or make your own hand weights. You’ll be surprised the workout you can get from lifting a freezer bag wrapped in duck tape and full of dirt. Even household items can be used as weights. You just have to be creative.

Don’t think you’re ready for weights, but still want to get fit? There are endless body weight exercises you can torture your body with. Planks, push ups, sit ups, crunches, air squats, lunges and other exercises you can research online. Again, getting fit is only limited by your imagination and effort.

The hardest part of getting fit, is staying motivated. We all lead busy lives and lot of us fill what little spare time we have with derby, so adding a workout routine may be hard to keep up. However, always remember you are not alone. Get a workout buddy and hold each other accountable. And if you don’t know where to begin, don’t be afraid to pick the brain of a workout junkie within your league. Start small and grow your workout plan from there. Who knows, you may find you really enjoy adding exercise outside of derby to your routine.

Question time: What are your goals for the 2018 derby season? How do you go about adding exercise to your weekly routine? Does your league have a workout group that meets outside of practices? Leave a comment below!


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